I’m Frank, photographer and graphic artist. My career as a photographer began during my education as a graphic designer. After my graduation and after working in a few photo studios I started my own company. I created brandings and websites for start ups and public organizations without earning money, until I landed my first payed jobs for small and medium-sized companies. So morelook, my office for visual communications was born. I have worked as a freelance concept developer, graphic designer and creative staff for a magazine and since 2015 I’m photographer for some fashion and luxury fashion companies. I’m active in commercial photography and films and I produced my first commercial spot for a sports company in 2015.

Beside pictures, paintings and graphics I‘m addicted to music and sports. However my biggest asset is our nature, I love to feel, use and care for it.

For some of my clients I’m a reliable business partner and for others I’m a good friend. But in general it’s just me doing things I love.